9/15/2018 Free Self-Defense and Nutrition Seminar

8:30-10:00am  For all ages, men and women.  Learn how to defend yourself from an assailant, and then learn some real nutrition from our expert guest Rosie!  This will help anyone who wants to eat right and maintain a happy healthy lifestyle without torturing themselves with crazy trend diets.

9/19/2018-9/20/2018 Special Schedule

Kung Fu and Krav Maga will train together from 7:30 - 8:45pm

Kids classes: normal schedule

9/22/2018 Free Kids Self Defense Seminar

Free self-defense / beat the bully seminar for kids age 7-13.  No need to call or RSVP.  Just show up!  You'll sign a basic waiver and the kids will learn some great skills.  No obligation, no sales pitch... This is part of our ongoing community service program.

9/29/2018 Free Women's Self Defense Seminar

Free self-defense training for women.  Whether you've never trained before in anything, or you're already a pro, come learn some new moves and a smarter way of thinking that may save your life some day.  No charge, no obligation, no sales pitch.  This is another part of our ongoing free community service program.