Name your own price!!! Come in person to learn more!

Name Your Price

Yes, name your price!

From the owner, David Woods:

For years I have played with pricing, trying to make it fair to customers and to myself.  I've always wanted to help everyone learn self-defense but not everyone can afford it.  Also, I like giving discounts to families, law enforcement, etc.   Some students like to train all day every day and some come once or twice a month.  Some people ask about drop in rates.  It gets very complicated; my price grid is... was a huge excel spreadsheet.

These things are normal and not going to change in this industry.  However, to make my own life more simple in terms of managing pricing and payment options, and to make self-defense accessible to everyone regardless of income, the deal is simple: name your own price!  You can pay online or in person (cash or credit cards preferred but checks also accepted).

Yes, it really is that simple.  Pay what you want.  All I ask in return is that the student is a good student - well behaved, professional, respectful, dedicated, disciplined....  This applies in and out of class!  For the same reason, I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.  I have modern martial arts training and love all the evolving aspects of martial arts, but I also hold dear traditional values.  Remember Mr. Miagi?  I like the ideas of honor, respect, and discipline!

I really mean it about naming your own price.  You can shop around to get an idea of what people normally pay, and you will find anything from $50-200 per month, some with long term contracts for 2 or more years.  I used to charge $90 / month on a 6 month contract.  If you choose to pay that much, I thank you sincerely.  If you pay $1, I thank you sincerely.  If you pay more, it will help keep the lights on for everyone, and we all thank you sincerely!  We also accept donations but having said that we are a for-profit business.  Making a non-profit organization is more paperwork than it's worth for me.

You will also be surprised how much people pay for things not mentioned when signing up at some places, like uniforms, training gear, association fees, insurance, tournaments, etc.  

At Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts, you pay what you want, what is reasonable and fair, and what you can afford.  If you choose to buy anything from us, we have very affordably priced uniforms and other equipment.  You are not required to buy anything, ever.

This does not mean you are receiving a poor quality, "cheap" class.  In fact I have students who travel well over 100 miles to take class with me, students from law enforcement, military, etc.  Our self-defense class is the best in Bakersfield because it's the only pure 100% self-defense only class based on the best of modern and traditional martial arts, taught by a highly qualified instructor.  ...and now it's accessible to everyone!

Important note:  I will limit class size to ensure good quality and personal attention.  Current members' spot is guaranteed, new members will be accepted on 1st come 1st served basis until we are at capacity.  There is currently room for several more students in all classes.  If a student is gone for a while and does not explain why, their spot will become available to new students.

Come to 2505 Alta Vista Dr. during regularly scheduled class times.  Ask for David Woods or simply walk to the back training area, past the boxing room and up the stairs, through the wooden door.

Happy New Year Bakersfield!

With much love!

-David Woods