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Women Only Self Defense

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In addition to our regular classes, we have women only self-defense classes.  These classes are designed specifically for women, to help them defend themselves in any situation, but with special emphasis on sexual assault / rape prevention.

We can set up a private seminar just for you, at our school or any suitable location!  Call for more information!  661-472-1884

We have been teaching this class since 2001.  Our lessons come from Kung Fu San Soo combined with training from many other styles and developed by law enforcement agents.  We are professional and will ensure that you are comfortable while we challenge you physically and mentally to prepare yourself for the world.


The womens self defense tactics used are simple, easy to remember, and work against a bigger stronger opponent.  We cover escapes from standing positions and on the ground, from someone picking you up, grabbing your hair, wrist, etc.  We want you to be safe no matter what!


Many women have a tremendous fear of physical violence and aggression.  It is important to overcome this fear and we will help you do just that!  Many women have told me "I can't do that.  It won't work.  It's too hard," etc.  These are all mental blocks that many women face.  The answer to the problem is this:  What if it DOES work?  I can't guarantee anything will work.  However, if you don't try and fight back, I can guarantee you will not defend yourself if you ever need to (God forbid).   Many times just knowing a little something gives you the confidence to fight back.  Even just trying to fight back can mean the difference between life and death, between being a victim or a champion!  Furthermore, showing confidence helps prevent an assault because an attacker will sense that you are not an easy target.


Many of the women in our self defense class, present and past, have changed their lives dramatically.  A few have even been attacked and successfully defended themselves using self defense lessons we taught them.  We are so proud of these women.  We hope they can be an inspiration to you, to give it a try, and to prove that it DOES work.  You CAN fight back.  You can live without fear!

In addition to the women's classes, we have free seminars in conjunction with the Alliance Against Violence and Sexual Assault (Bakersfield City).  These seminars are the 3rd Wed of every month from 6:00-9:00pm at 1921 19th St.  We also hold seminars (that we charge for) at our school that typically last 6 hours or longer.  These seminars are so popular that other cities are requesting them too (Lamont, Arvin, Shafter, etc.)!  Look at the calendar to see if we'll be in your city any time soon, or call and we can set something up just for you.

Some of the lessons the ladies learned at our last seminar (June 30, 2012):

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