Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts
3000 Mall View Rd (East Hills Mall)
Dave: 661-472-1884 / JC: 661-369-2661
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Tai Chi

Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts is pleased to be one of the rare training sources of Tai Chi in Bakersfield. Tai Chi is primarily known for its health benefits. Many people who suffer from joint problems, circulation problems, stress, or lack of energy can benefit greatly by studying Tai Chi. It is important to note, however, that Tai Chi is a form of martial arts and a very powerful means of self defense when properly executed.

We can teach at your facility! Tai Chi is easy to practice in any place where there is space to move around. We are more than happy to make arrangements to teach Tai Chi at your location whether a private residence, business, retirement home, etc. Prices and terms are negotiable. Please call for more info.

At Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts we offer two styles of Tai Chi. David Woods, owner and instructor, teaches Wu style. He learned three forms of Tai Chi, including a sword form, all from a Wudan Master he met during his stay at a Shaolin Temple in China. He does not claim to be a master by any means, but simply offers his expertise in these three forms of Tai Chi. He assures his students that the form is most authentic since he would not have been allowed to learn it if he didn't do so with absolute perfection.

We also offer Yang Style Tai Chi, 24 form and 32 form (sword). This class is taught by Glen Del Tour. Glen has been teaching Tai Chi at Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts since 2005. He has over 20 years of experience in the dynamics of instruction and has been practicing Tai Chi for over 8 years.

Here's a sample of Tai Chi from an event we had at the school. As you can see, Tai Chi is beneficial to all ages, male and female, tough guys and anyone seeking inner peace, relaxation, etc.

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